The Primer

28 lessons with videos and guides for reflection, plus 10 coaching sessions

  1. Welcome to the course!

  2. Unit 1: Introduction to Mental Models

  3. Unit 2: Mental Models, Scripture, and Theology

  4. Unit 3: Learning Change

Mental Models and Change

  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Regular coaching provides support and deepens learning.
  • Engage in a new way of learning.

Our Learning Process

We use a transformational learning cycle: a continual process of learning information, putting it into practice, and reflecting on what we are experiencing about ourselves, others, and God.

  • Learning to unlearn the things that keep us stuck.

  • Embracing values that make change possible.

  • Developing competencies to engage in personal and communal transformation.

  • A trained coach to help support the learning.

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